Text only image that reads: Definition of Adult: A person who, by virtue of attaining a certain age, is regarded as being able to manage his or her own affairs.

Welcome to Being an Adult is Hard

Tips, tricks and hacks to make life easier and reduce stress.

Responsibility sucks but sh*t needs to be done and bills have to be paid and the dog puked on the carpet and the kid had another meltdown and we have appointments today and people are hungry and the house needs to be cleaned and the car broke down and the basement is flooding and OMG is it ever going to stop?

Hi, I’m Kim and I know the annoyance and exasperation you feel while struggling to juggle the multiple responsibilities of life. After all, I have over 30 years of experience being a somewhat successful adult.

I hope you make Being an Adult is Hard your first stop for tips, tricks, inspiration, motivation and practical advice to help deal with the stress and overwhelm and make it a little easier for you to get through this thing called life.

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Image title reads '53 Hydrogen Peroxide Hacks you need to know'. Background image is a bathroom countertop with toothbrush, soap dispenser, loofah and white towel on left side and bottle of hydrogen peroxide on right side

54 Hydrogen peroxide hacks you need to know

Do you have a bottle of hydrogen peroxide in your house? I used to have one in my first aid kit. It sat there forever. It was used a few times to clean minor wounds, until I found out that wasn’t a good idea. When I realized it had expired, ...
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How to get motivated to clean when you’re overwhelmed by the mess

Is your house a disgusting mess? Have you been so busy juggling everything else - or just avoiding it - that you haven’t cleaned in ages? Are you having trouble figuring out how to get motivated to clean when you’re so overwhelmed by all the mess? I’ve been there. And ...
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How to clean a really messy room fast

Do you ever walk into a room to clean it, get overwhelmed and think ‘this room is so messy, I don’t know where to start,’ then walk right back out? I’ve had that feeling (too many times) when I was in a rush and needed to clean a really messy ...
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How to make all purpose cleaner

Have you ever found yourself with a mess when you have no cleaning products on hand? Or in the mood to clean but you can’t get to the store to get the right product? It’s happened to me many times. That’s how I learned how to make all purpose cleaner ...
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42 Dawn Dish Soap Uses You Never Thought Of

We all know that Dawn dish detergent does an amazing job of cleaning our greasy dishes and pots and pans. At the same time, it’s famously gentle enough to be used to clean spilled oil from birds and other marine animals. But did you know that there are many other ...