About me

Hi, I’m Kim. I’m a mother, daughter, sister, cousin, aunt, great-aunt, partner and friend. I’ve been single, common-law, married, cheated on, separated and divorced. I’m currently living with my common-law partner and I’m a part-time empty-nester cause my kid only lives 10 minutes from me with his father, so I see him a lot.

Over the past 5 decades, I have been a telemarketer, kitchen worker, gas station attendant, cashier, bank teller, secretary, bookkeeper, office manager, database administrator, and occasional web designer. I’ve been an employee, unemployed and self-employed. And now I’m a blogger.

My life has been filled with challenges, bad decisions and consequences. It’s also been filled with opportunities, success, and purpose. I’ve learned a LOT, especially to be thankful for what I have, figure out what I want, and to face my fears and do it anyway.

I’m passionate about researching anything that affects my life, committed to learning as much as I can and determined to launch my autistic kid into a happy and productive adulthood – eventually. Mostly I love to share what I have learned that makes life easier.