Text only image that reads: Definition of Adult: A person who, by virtue of attaining a certain age, is regarded as being able to manage his or her own affairs.

Welcome to Being an Adult is Hard

Tips, tricks and hacks to make life easier and reduce stress.

Responsibility sucks but sh*t needs to be done and bills have to be paid and the dog puked on the carpet and the kid had another meltdown and we have appointments today and people are hungry and the house needs to be cleaned and the car broke down and the basement is flooding and OMG is it ever going to stop?

Hi, I’m Kim and I know the annoyance and exasperation you feel while struggling to juggle the multiple responsibilities of life. After all, I have over 30 years of experience being a somewhat successful adult.

I hope you make Being an Adult is Hard your first stop for tips, tricks, inspiration, motivation and practical advice to help deal with the stress and overwhelm and make it a little easier for you to get through this thing called life.

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Image of baking soda paste covering stove top with text '35 cleaning hacks for lazy slobs'

Best cleaning hacks for lazy people (like me)

How do you clean when you are lazy, especially if you hate cleaning? I’ve been asking myself that question all of my life. Although I love having a clean house, I like to expend as little effort as possible to get it that way. That’s why I’ve spent a lifetime ...
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The quick and easy way to remove cloudiness from glass stove top

How To Remove Cloudiness From Glass Top Stove

Are you frustrated and wondering how to remove cloudiness from your ceramic glass top stove? I was too and I’m here to tell you that it’s possible to clean that black glass stove top surface again without using expensive cleaners or specialized tools. We bought a brand new stove with ...
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Picture of the grinch on a Christmas green backgroundwith text reading Why I hate the holidays and what I do to survive Christmas

Why I HATE the Holidays: The ultimate guide to surviving Christmas

Am I the only one who hates Christmas? I have many reasons to hate Christmas, but the main reason is the blatant consumerism that drives the whole thing. The endless Holiday Season marketing extravaganza begins months before the actual holiday and ramps up everyone’s expectations. And those expectations are practically ...
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A picture of a clear bowl of citric acid powder on blue background with pink outline. Text reads '21 unbelievable cleaning uses for citric acid powder'

21 Unbelievable DIY Cleaning Uses for Citric Acid Powder

Do you want to make the move towards more natural cleaning products that actually work? Have you ever needed to clean something but had no cleaning products in the house?  I have recently discovered these many household cleaning uses for citric acid powder and now citric acid cleaner is a ...
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picture of fully equipped kitchen with text 'the complete list of kitchen items for a well-equipped kitchen'

The complete list of kitchen items for a well-equipped kitchen

If you’re wondering what you need to have a well-equipped kitchen, this complete list of kitchen items has you covered! One of our basic needs for survival is the ability to feed ourselves. While we probably could survive without ever cooking, cooking for yourself is the most healthy way to ...
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