Image text reads "18 ways to make cleaning fun - even if you hate cleaning." Background image is a woman having fun cleaning by dancing along to the music while vacuuming

How to make cleaning fun (even if you hate cleaning)

Did you know you can make cleaning fun with a little advance planning? Many of us love a clean house, but don't actually enjoy cleaning. I normally complain a lot about how much I hate cleaning. I suggest ways to make cleaning easier because it's just such a thankless, repetitive, ...
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Image title reads 'Dishwashing hacks for people who hate washing dishes.' Background image shows a kitchen counter and sink overflowing with dishes

Dishwashing hacks for people who hate washing dishes

My dishwasher isn’t cleaning my dishes and I don’t know why. It really sucks because I have a pile of dirty dishes in the sink and hate washing dishes! I’ve followed all the DIY steps to find out why my dishwasher isn’t cleaning, but everything seems to work as it ...
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Image title reads '53 Hydrogen Peroxide Hacks you need to know'. Background image is a bathroom countertop with toothbrush, soap dispenser, loofah and white towel on left side and bottle of hydrogen peroxide on right side

53 Hydrogen peroxide hacks you need to know

Do you have a bottle of hydrogen peroxide in your house? I used to have one in my first aid kit. It sat there forever. It was used a few times to clean minor wounds, until I found out that wasn’t a good idea. When I realized it had expired, ...
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Text reads 'how to get motivated to clean when you're overwhelmed by the mess'. Background is a messy bed with clothes hanging from it and lying on the floor

How to get motivated to clean when you’re overwhelmed by the mess

Is your house a disgusting mess? Have you been so busy juggling everything else - or just avoiding it - that you haven’t cleaned in ages? Are you having trouble figuring out how to get motivated to clean when you’re so overwhelmed by all the mess? I’ve been there. And ...
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Text reads "how to clean a really messy room fast! Even if you're overwhelmed" Background image is a messy bedroom

How to clean a really messy room fast

Do you ever walk into a room to clean it, get overwhelmed and think ‘this room is so messy, I don’t know where to start,’ then walk right back out? I’ve had that feeling (too many times) when I was in a rush and needed to clean a really messy ...
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