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How to clean baseboards without bending over: 13 Easy Ways

Easy Ways To Clean Baseboards Without Bending Over

Sometimes I forget that baseboards get dirty because I just don’t look down that often.  But those things can gather dust like you wouldn’t believe, especially if you have pets!  And if you have back pain or knee problems like I do, knowing how to clean baseboards without bending over can be a real game changer – especially in the kitchen where the battle with grease and grime is never ending. 

I’ve been looking for easy ways to clean baseboards without bending over ever since I had a very painful herniated disc and surgery to fix it years ago. And my knees definitely don’t like it when I try to kneel on them. I’ve tried lots of ideas, but I want to share the best ways I’ve found for cleaning baseboards standing up. 

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Pin title reads "How to clean baseboards without bending over - easy baseboard cleaning hacks." Before image shows a dirty white baseboard with dust, grim and hair on it. After image shows clean white baseboard after using these easy ways to clean baseboards without bending over

Why it’s Important to Keep Baseboards Clean

Like it or not, dust and grime float around your home and build up on your baseboards, especially on the flat surfaces. In high traffic areas like entryways, kitchens, and bathrooms, baseboards are prone to collecting more dust, dirt, and splatters than in bedrooms or living rooms. Baseboards behind pet dishes and toilets can be extra challenging when you have problems with your back or knees.

When you keep your baseboards clean, your house just looks and feels cleaner. Regular baseboard cleaning can reduce allergens and improve air quality for a healthier living environment. It also helps to increase the lifespan of your baseboard finishes since dust and grime can be abrasive and wear them away.

How often should baseboards be cleaned?

Generally speaking, it depends on how dusty your home is, whether you have pets, or if someone in your household has allergies. If you don’t have pets or a family member with allergies (we have both), you probably won’t have to wipe down your baseboards as often as I do.  High traffic areas or rooms with carpet accumulate dust and dirt more quickly than bedrooms with hard floors. Areas near vents can also collect more dust because of the air movement.

I try to incorporate baseboard cleaning into my regular sweeping/vacuuming routine to keep on top of them. This helps prevent buildup so I don’t have to actually clean them as often – about once every 3-4 months.

How to clean baseboards without kneeling or bending over

Here are 13 ways to clean your baseboards without hurting your back or knees:

Use a broom

One way to dust your baseboards without bending over is to use a broom with a stiff bristle brush. Hold the handle at an angle and gently sweep along the baseboards to remove any accumulated dust or dirt.

Use a vacuum cleaner with a wand or brush

Your vacuum cleaner with a wand attachment is an excellent tool for baseboard cleaning without breaking your back. Simply attach it to the wand and run it along the baseboards to remove dust and debris without hurting your back. Use the brush for flat surfaces and the crevice tool to get into any gaps.

Use a flexible dust mop

A more budget friendly tool you can use is a flexible microfiber dust mop. Wipe your baseboards from side to side, making sure the microfiber strings reach both the top and the front of the baseboards to trap and collect dirt and dust.

Use a flexible dusting wand

Dusting wands are another inexpensive tool for cleaning baseboards without getting a sore back. They have a long handle and a flexible, microfiber head, making it easy to dust the baseboards while standing up. Just run the wand along your baseboards to collect dust and dirt.

Use a Swiffer

A Swiffer can be another great tool for dusting baseboards without bending over. You can attach a dry Swiffer cloth or a microfiber cloth to the Swiffer head and run it along your baseboards.

Pin text reads "13 simple life hacks to easily clean baseboards without bending over." Image is a red microfiber mop in front of a clean baseboard after using these how to clean baseboards tips and tricks.

Make your own DIY tool

You can create your own DIY cleaning tool by attaching a microfiber cloth to a long-handled tool like a broom or mop handle. Wrap the cloth around the handle, secure it with rubber bands or clips, and you’re good to go without having to bend over. You can use it with a wet or dry microfiber cloth.

When dusting is no longer enough, it’s time to move to wet methods to remove the stubborn scuffs, dirt and grime from your baseboards.

Use a Sponge Mop

A sponge mop can also be an effective way to clean your baseboards without bending over or kneeling. Run the damp mop over your baseboards and watch the dirt disappear without having to get on your hands and knees. 

Use a flat microfiber mop

A flat microfiber mop is also useful to clean the baseboards while standing up. The microfiber material easily picks up dust and dirt, making it easier for you to clean your baseboards without bending over.

Use a spin mop

A spin mop is the perfect tool for cleaning baseboards without hurting your back. Make sure to wring the mop well, then scrub the head of the mop over the surface and around the edges of the baseboard to get them clean.

Use a steam cleaner

If you have a crawling baby or a small pet and you’re looking for a safe, chemical free baseboard cleaning solution that won’t break your back, then you need this steam mop cleaner. It comes with an extension pole and you can use the reusable microfiber pads to clean and sanitize your baseboards at the same time. There’s also a jet nozzle and brush for when you need some help loosening the dirt in crevices and gaps.

Use a Shower Scrubber

A shower scrubber with a long handle is an efficient tool for cleaning really dirty baseboards. After spraying the baseboards with cleaning spray, simply wet the scrubber with warm water and gently scrub along the sprayed baseboards. The bristles on the shower scrubber will help dislodge stubborn dirt and grime without you having to bend over or kneel down.

Use a Baseboard Cleaning Tool

Specialized baseboard cleaning tools are designed to clean dirty baseboards without bending over. These tools have a long handle and a cleaning pad specifically shaped to fit the contours of most baseboards. Get the pad damp with some warm water, then use the baseboard cleaning tool to tackle the dust, dirt and grime.

Use an Electric Spin Scrubber Tool

An electric spin scrubber is a great option to help you clean really dirty baseboards. They come with various attachments and long handles that allow you to reach every part of your baseboards and easily clean them without bending over.  The spinning action helps dislodge dirt and grime efficiently without having to use too much elbow grease.

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Pin title reads "Easy ways to clean baseboards without bending over - easy baseboard cleaning hacks." Before image shows a dirty white baseboard with dust, grim and hair on it. After image shows clean white baseboard after using these easy ways to clean baseboards standing up

Steps to clean baseboards without having to bend over

Using a cleaning spray is the easiest way to clean baseboards standing up and save your back and knees. Make sure to sweep or vacuum the baseboards before you spray the baseboards to remove loose dirt.

To deep clean your baseboards, start with a light spray of your cleaning solution (see below for DIY ideas) on the baseboard surface. Don’t soak the baseboard because too much moisture may damage or warp it. 

Use the extendable cleaning tool of your choice to gently wipe down the baseboards and clean them. Make sure to thoroughly clean the surface of the baseboard as well as the edges and crevices. 

After cleaning the entire surface, use a clean head to remove any remaining moisture and cleaning solution from the baseboards. Leftover cleaning solution can attract more dust and dirt, so it’s important to make sure you remove it from the surface.

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Make your own cleaning spray to clean your baseboards

The finish on your baseboard will determine the best cleaning spray to use. This section will help you decide what kind of cleaning solution to use for your particular type of baseboards. If you don’t have a cleaning product on hand that is formulated for your particular finish, here are some DIY natural cleaners for baseboards.

Stained Wood Baseboards

Mix a few drops of dish soap, and a few drops of cooking oil into some warm water in a spray bottle and use the solution to safely remove dirt from stained wooden baseboards. Do not use vinegar on stained wood as it can dissolve the finish that protects the wood and leave it looking cloudy, dull, or scratched.

Painted Baseboards

Mix a few drops of dish soap into some warm water in a spray bottle and use the solution to clean stained wood baseboards. If your painted baseboards are particularly grimy, add a couple of ounces of vinegar for more cleaning power to cut through the greasy residue.

Kitchen Baseboards

Kitchen baseboards can accumulate a lot of grease and grime over time. A mixture of warm water and a few drops of dish soap works well to cut through the buildup. For stubborn greasy spots, use a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and hot water in a spray bottle.

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Pin text reads "13 baseboard cleaning hacks to clean baseboards without bending over." Top before image is a baseboard covered in hair and dirt before cleaning baseboards. Bottom after image is a clean baseboard after using these how to clean baseboards tips and tricks.

Easy baseboard cleaning hack: Dust baseboards regularly

Dust your baseboards regularly during your regular cleaning routine to keep them from becoming dirty without kneeling. If you are already sweeping or vacuuming, it’s very easy to run the broom or vacuum over the baseboards while cleaning the floors so you don’t have to clean them too often.

When you regularly dust your baseboards while cleaning your flooring, you effectively keep them looking clean without having to bend or kneel. It will also make cleaning your baseboards easier when they do need cleaning.

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5 Tips to Keep Baseboards Clean

Keeping your baseboards clean doesn’t have to be hard, especially if you can’t bend over or kneel down. Here are a few quick and simple tips to keep them clean without straining your bad back:

  1. Dust your baseboards as part of your regular house cleaning routine: When you are going through your regular cleaning routine, make sure to dust your baseboards using a broom, dust mop or vacuum (whichever you normally use to clean your floors) as well. This will keep them dust free and less likely to build up dirt and debris.
  2. Try the dryer sheet trick: A popular tip for keeping baseboards clean is to rub a new dryer sheet over them to prevent dust buildup. This is due to the anti-static properties of the dryer sheet.
  3. Spray diluted fabric softener: If you don’t have dryer sheets, try diluting fabric softener with water in a 50:50 ratio and spraying it on your baseboards. Wipe off the excess and allow to dry to prevent dust buildup.
  4. Clean up spills and splatters as soon as possible: If spills or splatters happen, or a wet dog decides to shake inside your home, give your baseboards a quick cleanup before the mess dries and becomes harder to clean.
  5. Wash your baseboards every 3-4 months: Washing your baseboards every 3-4 months will prevent severe dirt and grime buildup and keep them easier to clean.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the best hack for cleaning baseboards standing up?

Keeping your baseboards clean on a regular basis is the best hack for cleaning baseboards. A close runner up is to use a cleaning tool with an extendable pole to avoid having to stoop or bend.

How do you clean baseboards quickly and easily?

Cleaning baseboards is quick and easy when you keep on top of them by cleaning them regularly and not allowing them to get too dirty.

Do dryer sheets clean baseboards?

Dryer sheets don’t clean baseboards, but they have anti-static properties that can help to repel dust from your baseboard surfaces.

How do you clean hard to reach corners?

Using an extendable cleaning tool with a brush end can help clean hard to reach corners.

How can I clean baseboards with a bad back?

  • Avoid overreaching and straining while cleaning – keep your arms close to your body. 
  • Try to keep your spine straight and avoid arching your back or twisting.
  • Avoid lifting heavy items. Use a smaller container to empty buckets until they are light enough to pick up.

How do I protect my knees when cleaning baseboards?

The best way to protect your knees when cleaning is to avoid kneeling. Use extendable cleaning tools whenever possible so you don’t need to clean on your hands and knees. If you must kneel for some reason, use padding to protect your knees.

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